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Why UnionSprayer

Union Sprayer is a manufacturer consortium of pump sprayers in China, we have united the products by seven plants, our main product including Trigger Sprayer Mist Sprayer Lotion Pump Treatment Pump Cream Pump&Foam Pump Valves & Actuators etc. which are wildly used in packaging of Beauty salon,cosmetic,medicine and daily cleaning.

The Union Sprayer is more than a sprayer pump facotry, we have great experience on export business and we have united seven manufacturing enterprises working together to provide quality made and fast delivery goods. Thanks to our joint mode, we can highlight our advantages in many aspects, including export capacity, product professionalism and fast delivery ability of each factory, so that the goods ordered by our customers can be delivered faster and more qualified.

Our production base is in Yuyao, and International business center located in Hangzhou, China.We have more than 75 injection molding machines and more than 30 automatic assembly lines to ensure production capacity and delivery time.

Our Mission

Caring a Healthy & Beautiful Life, Together

The UnionSprayer is professinal on custom contract manufacring, a team of professionals serving professionals.We strive to provide products of plastic packagings, serve industries including house hold & Personal care, beauty, medical care, food, Industrial area and many more.

The UnionSprayer in exporting business from two products to hundreds of products, which was a small plant to an internatinal business union with seven manufacturing enterprises, from monthly production capacity 500,000pcs to 12,500,000pcs output. We know how difficult it is to build a business, your growth is our businss, we would like to ensure you that small busniess can grow with us, and would be a great supplier for big companies.

UnionSprayer is not just a supplier of sprayer or pump. We have become a production supply chain with strong export service capabilities. More enterprises by partnering with us are reaching higher expectations than they had imagined before. Factories that can produce high-quality products but do not know how to open up overseas markets can be more efficient and costs reducing than before. More overseas enterprises can quickly find suitable products or set up a new product line with our purchasing suggestions and supports. Let's Caring a healthy & beautiful life,together.

Our Story


UnionSprayer built in 2009

The UnionSprayer's first small sprayer plant was founded by Mr.Shen in 2009,who had over 12 years experience of plastic injection industry. At that time, it was just a plant that helped other factories produce sprayer parts, started with just three injection machines and even without a brand name.


Oversea business Since 2013

In 2013, Mr.Shen and his friend Mr. Bryan who engaged in export business since 2006, they decided to produce their own products for the Oversea's markets, 2 items only, trigger sprayer and fine mist sprayer.


A small Step Farward in 2016Oversea Buiness Center,Hangzhou City

As our factory was located in the small town Yuyao, which is not conducive to the development of international business, in year 2016 we decided set up the business center in Hangzhou city, the capital of Zhejiang Province, which is the e-commerce capital of China. It was also the venue for the 2016 G20 meeting.


Mile stone of Oversea business due to Coivd-19

Depending on strong export buisness capability, we developed very soon during the last 6 years. Due to the occurrence of COVID-19, epidemic prevention packaging products had developed rapidly, our production capacity from 1,000,000 pieces per month before Covid-19 grew up to 3,000,000 pieces each month.


Manufacturer consortium in 2020

Year 2020, more factories around us had joined us to become a consortium, and most of the factories are friends who have worked together in the past. With this Union, our month's production capacity reaches 12, 500,000pcs and cover more product categories, at the same time, we can well solve the problem of delivery with a short time. Untill this time, we named it UnionSprayer.

Our Advantages

With 16 years of foreign trade experience, we can complete various delivery methods and payment methods. Whether you are an importer or a novice, we can make the entire export process smoother.
  • 12,500,000pcs monthly production capacity you can count on, fast delivery in 10-15 days for regular products;
  • Free sample and free freight charge first time for any new customer who is a business to business company
  • 100% responsible for quality problems
  • If you are an import veteran, your cooperation with us will be very smooth, because we have been engaged in export business for 17 years and are proficient in all kinds of shipping methods and collection methods; If your company has just started to import products from China, we can help you go through the whole purchase process and help your business grow faster.

Our Team & Our Strength

Oversea Business Director And Managers

Mr.Ben Li

Oversea Sales Director

17 years Export Experience

Mr.Bryan Park

Sales Manager

Export business experience since 2006


Logistics Manager

15 years Export Experience


India Country Manager

Business Development and Authorized Agent for Country India, Dubai and Nepal.

Directors of Plants

Mr. Shen

Director of Trigger sprayer & Fine Mist Sprayer Plant


Director of Lotion Pumps & Treatment pump Plant

Mr. Wang

Director of Valve & Actuacors Plant


Director of Mini Trigger Sprayer & Foam Pump Plant


Director of Sustainable Products Plant

Caring a healthy & beautiful life, together
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